ABI Digital Network

Our Version of the Telephonoscope

The heyday of cardboard signs and vinyl banners at retail is coming to a close. And Rio Creative Labs is hastening the demise with ideas like this one. We approached Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) with a concept and strategy for launching a digital signage network to help promote beer sales at point-of-purchase.

We asked ABI to reallocate “wide net” advertising dollars to a more targeted approach to influence purchase decisions. We helped them create their entire retail digital signage solution – from sourcing the equipment and operating platform, to building out the content and managing the network. Today we manage over 2,000 signage locations by pushing digital content and managing the “hotline” call center, providing wholesaler training and deploying a team of field technicians. Now that’s what we call a formula for success.


The Big Pitch

The Big Pitch

Infomercial guru and original “Shark” Kevin Harrington leads a panel of industry experts in a thoroughly original mash-up of reality TV and home shopping: The Big Pitch.

We partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, to create and launch The Big Pitch!  The Big Pitch takes place at trade shows across the US.  It was created to give small companies with big ideas a chance to tell their stories and put their products in front of millions of home shoppers.

Our team travels the country, setting up on-site studios at major industry trade conventions—from Gift Shows to Sports Shows to Housewares Shows. We invite companies to pitch their product to the panel in five minutes or less. Each participant receives invaluable, on-the-spot feedback from Harrington and his fellow product-development experts. The review panel changes from show to show.

The fortunate few who “wow” The Big Pitch panel are invited to step into the spotlight and bring their products straight to viewers through a 30-minute TV show aired in 80 million homes.

“Trade shows are the cradle of innovation in this country,” says Harrington, an original Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank and the inventor of the modern infomercial, “What consumers see in stores represents a tiny fraction of the creativity and genius that I see walking the aisles of this country’s big trade events.”

Deuce Watches

Rio Creates A Time Machine

When we were approached by Deuce, an up-and-coming sports watch company, the brand had already developed a line of top-notch timepieces. But they were looking to launch future sales into the stratosphere. Rio’s retail scientists sprung into action using formidable brain power and the lab’s giant Rolodex to help Deuce gain placement in Brookstone, Target, Best Buy and others. Sales soon soared into the millions and the brand began gaining serious traction.

To add even more value, Rio secured licensing deals for Deuce including major colleges and the coveted NBA license. Their watch was even featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine, worn by NBA star Kyrie Irving. In addition, we helped them navigate the promotional product space securing co-branded watches with big time beer Michelob Ultra and others. Now that’s some forward thinking!