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From chatbots to remotely controlled coolers with transparent LCD screens deployed across the U.S., over the last two decades we have seen a lot. Here at Rio we spend a great deal of time looking for the latest technologies and finding ways to use them to help brands, consumers and retailers. We pride ourselves on thinking through every last detail so you don’t have to. From incubator to prime time, we take you to the next level with the latest and greatest technologies the world has to offer.

  • Concepting/Strategy

  • Hardware Acquisition

  • Custom Software

  • Content Development

  • Management

  • Technical Support

  • SEO

  • Digital PR

Campaign Examples

Digital Wallets

For those of you new to mobile wallets/passes (also referred to as “digital wallet” or “pass”) it is content or information that is stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay platforms. Consumers use mobile wallets today for payment (Apple/Google Pay), as well as to store boarding passes, gift cards, event tickets and many other things. The shift to “digital wallets” (by 2020 more than 5 billion people will have a mobile wallet on their phones) is transforming the physical billfold to a fully digital, mobile wallet and providing brands an easy way to reach their customers on a mobile device, without the need for an app or any other technology.

It was with this in mind that the team at Rio has created our Digital Wallet Console®, a platform we built from the ground up in order to easily create and manage a wide array of digital passes. From loyalty cards to discount offers, we are ready to help you and your brands reach consumers where it matters most…their wallet.


Loyalty Card

Take your loyalty program to the next level using our digital loyalty card. Easily track consumers’ points and keep them engaged with custom communications.



Make your coupons more exciting and easier to use. Consumers simply add this coupon their wallet and it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice!

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Digital Punch Card

Track purchases and reward consumers with free product, unique experiences and more using the digital punch card. Each time a purchase is made or task completed the card is “digitally punched” and a message is sent to the consumer.

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Product Info

Introduce a product with style using a digital pass to educate consumers on a new item, line extension, flavor etc. They can easily learn about the product, link out to more content and have it easily accessible to share with their friends.

Brewce AI Chatbot

Brewce is a first of its kind multi-dimensional AI powered chatbot designed to help consumers with everything beer related. Brewce can help consumers find the perfect beer for any occasion by asking them taste preference questions like “Do you like hoppy beers or more crisp and clean?” Consumer can also ask questions like…”what do you have that is similar to Elysian Space Dust?” Or “what are the best IPAs?” He has information on every AB beer including an image of the bottle/can, flavor profile, glassware, proper temp, brewery info, nutritional info, etc. Need to know what beer goes with your food or vice versa, just ask Brewce. “What beer goes well with Mexican food?” He can even serve up coupons and deliver beer right to your home or business. And the list goes on!

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Brewce in market2.jpg
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Office Bud-e

Charged by Anheuser-Busch to help them penetrate the office market and enter into a new beer selling vertical, we began deploying the Office Bud-e in key cities across the U.S. The Office Bud-e is an advanced and digitally connected premium office refrigerator that arrives at the office ready to work, and can be filled with a wide variety of beers (up to 180).


Each Office Bud-e comes equipped with WiFi connectivity and a beer tracking system to ensure the fridge is always stocked and the office is ready for any occasion. Whether it’s a company holiday party, game day at the office, a chance to unwind at the end of a long week, or a chance to celebrate the success of big project with co-workers; the Office Bud-e is the water cooler of the next generation.


Digital Signage and the ThruVu Cooler

We approached Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) with a concept and strategy for launching a digital signage network to help promote beer sales at point-of-purchase. We asked ABI to reallocate “wide net” advertising dollars to a more targeted approach to influence purchase decisions. We helped them create their entire retail digital signage solution – from sourcing the equipment and operating platform, to building out the content and managing the network. Today we manage over 2,000 signage locations in stadiums and retailers across the U.S, by pushing digital content, managing the “hotline” call center, providing wholesaler training and deploying a team of field technicians. Now that’s what we call a formula for success.

Cooler Doors.jpg

Energizer Retail Tablet

Energizer needed a digital solution that allowed promotional messaging as well as app functionality for consumers to learn more about the battery types, search for the right battery for their needs as well as be educated on how to recycle their used batteries. We developed an HTML “app” that would live on a tablet allowing for consumers to engage whenever needed. When the tablet wasn’t being used it played current promotional messaging to attract attention in the aisle.

Tablet home screen

Tablet home screen

In store violator

In store violator

Tablet lithium page

Tablet lithium page

Mobile version

Mobile version

End cap peg board

End cap peg board